Fast Website
Creation Service

No hidden fees. No surprises.

It’s that simple

Creating your website is no longer expensive

Creating a website is expensive because it encompasses so many different tasks: strategies, research, coding, design, copy-writing and project management. 

We chopped down the process to bare minimum: design and coding and developed templates that suit your industry and business to minimize those costs further down.

Pay after it's complete. Stop at anytime

We will start charging you after you confirm a finished website — if you don’t like us or how it looks, you can opt-out without any cost. 

Better yet, our service is on a month-to-month basis and you can stop our service at anytime.

Update your website
w/o any extra fee

Within $100/mo, all the content adjustment and update fees are included, which means you can change and add content anytime you want as long as it’s not a huge change that requires reconstructing a website.

As fast as 5 business days turnaround

We can deliver your website within 5 business days as long as we have a template for your industry.

Demo Site

Well, you are already on the demo site: https://akihironomura.com/

Ready to get started?

We cover everything
you need for a basic website

In 2020, mobile optimization is vital for uncountable reasons. We assure your website is mobile-friendly.

SSL certificates protect the data transmitted through your website. Without a valid SSL, your website will be flagged as an unsecured website. We install a SSL certificate for your website.

Without seeing stats on your website, you won’t be able to fully take advantage of your website and improve your website. We set up basic analytical tools such as Google Analytics and Google Search Console for you.

You will have all basic pages for a website like About Us, Services, Case Studies, Contact, 404 page and Blog. Of course, these basic pages vary depending on your industry and business and we will have those for you.

Additional Options

Here are examples of additional services we provide to assist your website creation and digital marketing. The cost varies depending on scope, so let us know what you want us to help.


If you’re not comfortable with writing, we are here to provide you with a paid copy-writing option.

Logo Creation​

Need a logo for your brand? Let us help you.

Website Migration​

If you have an existing website and are looking at migrating to our service, we may charge you extra to implement migration work properly. 

Ecommerce Add-ons

If you are looking to sell digital products you don’t necessarily ship to your customer, we can help you have a simple cart that lets you sell your products online.

Custom Functionality

Whatever functions you are looking at for your website, let us know.

Digital Marketing Consultancy​

A website itself doesn’t generate sales or leads. We offer digital marketing services such as SEO, paid advertising management, marketing automation and so on.

How it works

Pay after it’s complete. Stop at anytime.

Get in touch with us via the contact form below. We will get back to you by sending you a content guide as well as form.

Create your website content according to our template guide and put it into our ‘Content Submission Form’

We develop and design your website according to the content you submitted.

Check your test website in our staging environment and fix anywhere you want. Upon your confirmation, we will start charging you $100 via credit card. You can opt out even after you see the test website if you don’t want to move this ahead.

After receiving your payment, we will put your website on live. You can change and add content even after it’s complete without any extra cost as long as it’s not a huge change that requires reconstructing a website.

You will be automatically charged every month via credit card and can quit anytime.

Let's Get Started

Get started by letting us know about yourself.



To chop down the cost, we are asking you to create your website content on your own following our guide. 

As long as you are okay with it, you will have your website at $100/mo.

We charge you through a payment system called Stripe where you can pay via your credit card.

You will make an advance payment right before launching your website and you will be automatically charged every month.

Just give us 30 days’ notice and then we will stop billing you.

The website will be deleted upon the cancellation.

Sure. Fill out the above form and let us know you want to have a quick call with us.

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About akihiro nomura

Akihiro Nomura believes a website should be more accessible to anyone, especially when you start your own venture – that’s why he developed Fast Website Creation Service.

Akihiro Nomura is not a website designer or developer, but a digital marketing specialist who understands your business needs and pains. With 10+ years of experience in digital marketing, he’s come to realize launching a website is merely a start and shouldn’t cost a lot.

By providing a more affordable option to everyone, he will help startups thrive in a digital field.