Digital + B2B + SMBs + Japan & North America = Me

Digital Marketer for B2B Small to Mid Sized Businesses

I’m specialized in digital marketing. I have been thoroughly planning, researching, executing and analyzing digital marketing strategies for businesses for the past 10+ years with a focus on B2B small to mid sized businesses.

Well-honed Cultural Awareness in North America & Japan

With 4 years of digital marketing experience in the US and Canada as well as 6 years in Japan, I’ve developed cultural intelligence that’s practical and effective to communicate with audiences of each culture.

A Variety of Digital Marketing Capabilities

At the growth phase for small to mid sized businesses, you need a variety of digital marketing capabilities to accelerate growth at reasonable cost. My capabilities cover nearly everything for B2B businesses, which include lead generation (e.g. SEO, Programmatic Media Buying) as well as lead nurturing and data analysis to name a few.

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