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With 10+ years of digital marketing experience, I will navigate you through a market entry from Japan to North America and vice versa.

From Japan to North America

Japan has been synonymous with ‘exceptional design and high-quality production‘ thanks to SONY and other hard working predecessors in Japan. Even now, Japan holds tons of quality products mainly powered by small to mid sized businesses.

The majority of those products are, however, not globally known.

One of the biggest roadblocks these companies lack global recognition is because they are not comfortable prioritizing marketing especially for the overseas market – this is the exact problem I’m missioned to solve.

Through my digital marketing capabilities, I will help promote your business beyond Japan.


From North America to Japan

Japan is very different from North America when it comes to culture, language and even the ways in which you communicate with your customers. In most cases, your successes in North America can’t be replicated in Japan – you will need to do a lot of localization work.

You need a guide who understands both cultures and who will educate you on what works and what doesn’t from a Japanese standpoint.

Let me be that guide; let me help you succeed.

“Aki is one of the most reliable and hardworking people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. He is a strategic and tactical wizard when it comes to anything digital media or data and if there’s ever a chance he doesn’t know something within those realms, he’ll make it his mission to learn it. With all this said, he also happens to be one of the nicest people I know. I have full confidence that he will do well in anything he pursues for he rest of his career.”

Matthew Tsang – Principal at My Loud Speaker Marketing

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