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North American Digital Projects

My Loud Speaker Marketing | Integrated Lead Generation

Project duration: July, 2015 – December, 2017


My Loud Speaker, my former employer, is a values-based, and international award winning agency in Vancouver, Canada that believes marketing no longer needs to be noisy or interruptive.

In between client’s projects, I was spearheading My Loud Speaker’s lead generation initiatives for their own business, which includes SEO, content creation, programmatic media buy, marketing automation, data analysis — well, pretty much everything you need for a B2B lead generation project.

Communicating closely with the agency’s principals and account managers, I made sure we generated qualified leads and continuously optimized sales processes to garner more sales.


We successfully generated almost CA$200,000 sales in 2017 through qualified leads coming from programmatic media buy initiatives, which is 1238% return on advertising cost (ROAS).

Additionally, I improved their SEO presence and generated 64 leads that resulted in nealy $100,000 sales from the ground up. It’s worth mentioning that I successfully got their website in the top 3 positions of for their primary keywords, ‘marketing agency’, ‘marketing agency vancouver’ and ‘branding’.

GKS Law Firm | Programmatic Media Buying

Project duration: September, 2016 – February, 2017


After over a decade of experience handling WCB Appeals at not only a boutique law firm but also for a couple of unions, Gail Sharma was ready to start something of her own. 

She knew she had the experience and skillset to help her clients, but, as with any new business, she had yet to build her client database. That’s when she enlisted our services with one simple goal in mind: help her generate leads so she can comfortably leave her current job and launch her new business successfully.


In the first three months since launching, we were able to generate an average of over 50 leads per month (!) for Gail – a truly unprecedented success rate for a brand new business. 

Additionally, we achieved this while utilizing less than 20% of the original projected PPC budget, which resulted in $4.90 as the cost-per-acquisition! In the end, within 4 months after launching, Gail was able to comfortably leave her job and successfully pursue her new business.

DR.Z - The Foot Expert | Programmatic Media Buying

Project duration: February – August 2016


Podiatrist, Dr. Adam Zanbilowicz, was ready to move his practice from Sechelt to Vancouver Island in Canada. With his big relocation set to take place, he turned to My Loud Speaker, my former agency, to get him the best start in his new home of Nanaimo, BC. 

We were tasked with spreading the word and ensuring that Dr. Zanbilowicz would be able to transition to his new practice with patients already booked for the complex services that he does best. 

I was in charge of managing Google Search Ads to generate as many leads at the lowest cost possible.


We achieved a conversion rate of 16.1% with a cost of CA$7.75 per acquisition. Within three months, we improved performance by 78% compared to the first month during which the conversion rate was 9% and cost per acquisition was CA$13.76.

Japanese Digital Projects

Inkspot | Wholistic Ecommerce Marketing Optimization

Project Duration: March, 2019 – February, 2020


Inkspot is an office supplier who specializes in remanufactured printer toner and ink cartridges. Due to the decline of the whole printer market, it’s inevitable for Inkspot to face revenue drop over years.

I was asked to optimize their marketing initiatives.


As a start, I designed a sales dashboard where you glimpse performance of all the important marketing initiatives. The metrics include revenue, costs, profitability, customer retention rate, lifetime value — every important marketing metric for e-commerce business.

Additionally, I set up all the necessary tracking and tags such as Enhanced Ecommerce tracking on Google Analytics, Dynamic Remarketing to name a few.

After these set-ups were in place, it turns out their promotional campaigns only increased debt and were not profitable at all. From there, I put my efforts into optimizing their cost-per-acquisition (CPA).

First, I took a closer look at paid search campaigns to focus only on keywords and products that are profitable. At the same time, I set up Google Shopping ads campaigns, which ended up producing 75% lower CPA than paid search campaigns. 

Second, I focused on existing customer retention as 80% of their revenue comes from existing customers — customer retention is fundamental. To do this, I planned and executed new functions including point reward system, membership programs, product review function and run customer retention campaigns such as product review acquisition campaigns and monthly newsletter.

Last, but certainly not least, is SEO and content creation. Working closely with an inhouse developer, I planned and implemented content enhancement on product pages and site restructure to garner relevant long tail keyword traffic. In addition, I created articles to acquire SEO traffic.


Within 3 months, I halved the CPA while maintaining the same amount of new customers and revenue through paid campaigns, which became profitable.

Additionally, I successfully achieved 300% growth in SEO traffic on a monthly basis and got their website in the first page of for their primary keywords, ‘トナー カートリッジ (toner cartridges)’, ‘リサイクルトナー (remanufactured toners)’

Umasake | SEO & Content Creation

Project Duration: May, 2016 – December, 2016


Umasake is an online Sake (Nihonshu) magazine that provides tangible, educational content for beginners with a focus on Japanese audiences.

I was in charge of creating and revising content according to Google Analytics data so that we maximize the traffic.


Within a year, we achieved nearly 200,000 unique visitors per month only through organic search from the ground up by content creation and distribution.


Additionally, Umasake has contributed to generating approximately US$130,000+ of sales for several Sake breweries in a span of a year.

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